About Me

I’m a Brighton-based Java programmer. I love databases, Spring, microservices and continuous delivery.

I currently run a Java consultancy called RiddleFox which uses tools like JHipster and continuous integration to deliver projects quickly and effectively.

I founded Brighton Java in 2012.


  1. Hi James,

    Sorry to bother you, I came across you online.
    I am trying to get any information on how to become a software developer? I have no experience or qualifications in this but it is what I want to do now, I am just sorry it has took me to realise this at the age of 32!

    I currently work in the catering industry and have done so since I was 18 and work and average of 55 hours a week, in my spare time I have recently been learning JavaScript and soon be looking into HTML.

    I am just after any advice you can give me as to where I would start?

    Thank you
    Gareth Moore

    P.S Sorry if this sounds cheeky?

  2. Hi,
    Similar to the above. I have read your article in the Guardian and am desperate to get into the industry. Where do I start? The OU courses are so expensive. Im 33 and feel I have been a Police Officer for the last 10 years. Computers/programming has always been a hobby to me. Now I want to do it as a career.


    1. The best thing to do is find local user groups – meetup has a lot of good ones. Enthusiasm is very attractive to potential employers, and someone who can learn things for themselves is very useful – nobody knows everything about technology these days. Find projects to work on – even volunteering as a tester for open source projects will expose you to professional tools and methods. It’s not going to be easy, but hard work will succeed.

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