Mobile Happiness Workshop

It’s been a while since my last post here! Most of 2017 was taken up project managing a massive mobile project across ten countries – which came in on time and on budget. More recently, I’ve started a new company called Impaladev with Brad Legge, providing managed mobile and Java development teams.

As part of this, we’ve set up a workshop on Mobile Happiness. This condenses all the things we’ve learned about mobile delivery into a single hour (although many of the points are relevant to web and desktop applications). And we reveal the innermost secret of Project Management.

We ran a test of the workshop last night for a variety of ex-colleagues and it went very well – not least because we finished in time for that evening’s football match. Everyone came out of the workshop activities with new ideas for shaking up there projects.

We’re now looking for new venues and audiences for the talk. If your group or company might be interested, get in touch! Below is the obligatory corporate pointing-at-a-screen photo.

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